SHU CTF – Cyber Security Challenge

Yesterday I participated in a capture the flag event at Sheffield Hallam University organised by Cyber Security Challenge UK, it was a really interesting experience for my first in person CTF and I took away some points and advice for future CTF’s and things I need to look at and research. I arrived at around 9:30am and got myself signed in and then had some pre-game coffee (Very important before the CTF!!) once everyone started arriving eventually the hosts talked about the schedule for the day, the rules and what prizes are on offer.



MASPTv2 – Mobile Application Security and Penetration Testing Course

So about three weeks ago I won an “Elite” edition of the new mobile penetration testing course from eLearnSecurity by watching their webinar and being randomly selected. I’m really excited about this course and have been getting started now that it’s been released. I really did not expect to win either!


This really helps being on a student budget, and will be relevant to the mobile development module at Abertay University next semester, I’ll be posting a review once I finish and pass the course. However so far, the course looks pretty solid with plenty of videos, slides and virtual labs with real world vulnerable applications.

Having completed eCPPT from eLearnSecurity in 2014, I know for sure that this would be another excellent course.

Will keep the blog up to date with more information, stay tuned!