PGP Transition Statement

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OpenPGP Key Transition Statement for James Hemmings /

I have created a new OpenPGP key and will be transitioning away from
my old key. The old key has not been compromised and will continue to
be valid for a short period of time, but I prefer all future correspondence to be
encrypted to the new key, and will be making signatures with the new
key going forward.

The reason for the new key transition is to increase encryption from 2048 RSA to 4096 RSA.

I would like this new key to be re-integrated into the web of trust.
This message is signed by both keys to certify the transition. My new
and old keys are signed by each other. If you have signed my old key,
I would appreciate signatures on my new key as well, provided that
your signing policy permits that without re-authenticating me.

Goals for 2016/2017

Just been thinking about my plans for this year, and been thinking about taking OSCP over the summer period to help increase my skills in the penetration testing field. It seems to be a really good challenging course, which tests your abilities and with it being valuable to employers, something I should do and is the logical next step after the eLearnSecurity eCPPT course I did last year.

Offensive Security Certified Professional


Anyone else took this course before? Post in the comments with your thoughts.

Passed CompTIA Security+

I decided to schedule the exam for today as I felt I was ready, and after taking the exam I scored 825/900! Which is a pretty decent score, although I am going to re-go over the two topics I didn’t do so good in.

Overall after taking the exam, I felt it was pretty easy after my three weeks of study. I used a combination of Darril Gibson’s book, Professer Messer Videos along with flashcards. I would recommend anyone who is planning to take this exam however, to make sure Network+ is taken before or another networking certification as there is some knowledge which cross’s over.

My next certification? Well, I am unsure at the moment however I am tempted to either study for Linux+ or start to focus on Python and take the SecurityTube Python Scripting Expert, or OSCP. (Depending on funds). University Life and all!

That’s all for now.