PWK & OSCP Review – I Tried Harder

Over the Christmas break from university, I decided that I’d take the PWK (OSCP) course which gave me something to do over the Christmas break and ensured I had plenty of time to complete the course. Having previously done other cyber security courses such as Comp Tia Security+ and eLearnSecurity’s PTPV4 course, I liked the fact that the PWK course was heavily practical in nature and had an extensive virtual lab to test penetration testing techniques on a variety of systems.

In my opinion the OSCP certification is worth the initial cost and has a high return of investment, compared to other certifications due to the fact the course is practical and proves to employers the candidate is competent in penetration testing concepts and can apply them to a multitude of environments. Having spoken to hiring managers, the OSCP qualification is highly desirable¬†and is vastly gaining recognition around the world, which makes this certification an excellent way to get into the information security field. (more…)

Goals for 2016/2017

Just been thinking about my plans for this year, and been thinking about taking OSCP over the summer period to help increase my skills in the penetration testing field. It seems to be a really good challenging course, which tests your abilities and with it being valuable to employers, something I should do and is the logical next step after the eLearnSecurity eCPPT course I did last year.

Offensive Security Certified Professional


Anyone else took this course before? Post in the comments with your thoughts.