James is a driven and committed Senior Security Consultant and Red Teamer with five years experience in the information security field. Prior to working in the area of cyber security, he worked as a systems administrator, gaining a solid foundation and understanding of “How” systems work.

He has a keen interest in offensive security, specifically in the area of “Red Teaming”, with several successful Red Team and Assumed Breach assessments under his belt in various sectors such as defence, banking, insurance/finance, healthcare and agriculture. One of his key areas of interest and focus is social engineering and phishing, including the evasion of modern security technologies such as including Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and email security solutions.

In other areas of his work, he has experience in the following areas of information security:

  • Internal Infrastructure Assessments.
  • Web Application & API Assessments.
  • Cloud Configuration Reviews (Azure/Office365).
  • Active Directory Configuration Reviews.
  • Windows & Linux Build Reviews.

Outside of day to day work, he regularly keeps up to date with the information security field and current tactics, techniques and procedures alongside his keen interest in airsofting. He also has a keen interest and passion for helping others, previously having volunteered in both the British Red Cross, East Midlands Ambulance Service and Old Lycoming Fire Company, where he received an award for “Outstanding Commitment and Dedication”.

During his career, he has also been awarded several CVEs for research around mobile routers, these were assigned as CVE-2017-14267, CVE-2017-14268 and CVE-2017-14269.