I decided to schedule the exam for today as I felt I was ready, and after taking the exam I scored 825/900! Which is a pretty decent score, although I am going to re-go over the two topics I didn’t do so good in.

Overall after taking the exam, I felt it was pretty easy after my three weeks of study. I used a combination of Darril Gibson’s book, Professer Messer Videos along with flashcards. I would recommend anyone who is planning to take this exam however, to make sure Network+ is taken before or another networking certification as there is some knowledge which cross’s over.

My next certification? Well, I am unsure at the moment however I am tempted to either study for Linux+ or start to focus on Python and take the SecurityTube Python Scripting Expert, or OSCP. (Depending on funds). University Life and all!

That’s all for now.