I’m now in the United States Of America, and have completed EMT-Basic at Pelham Training. It’s been an amazing experience, especially participating in clinical rotations at Monroe Emergency Room and Owens County EMS. During my shift we were dispatched to difficulty breathing and unfortunately for me that was the only call we got for the entire shift, one thing I did notice was they send ambulances on lights and sirens for mostly all calls, and then on way back to hospital decide if lights and sirens will be needed, where as in the UK the calls get categorised..

I’ve also noticed other things while in America, such as the minor differences in protocols such as the shock position where as in the UK the legs are raised, to supposedly bring flow back to the central core, however research in the US suggests this is ineffective and would only send around 50ml to the heart and increase blood pressure slightly but cardiac output would not be increased. There is also some differences in equipment in the Ambulances and at the moment King airways and combitubes are used by EMTs and not i-gels which are far superior and easy to use.

I’m really excited to start volunteering as an EMT here in the USA, and will soon be signing up to the local fire department (OLFC) in Williamsport. Just need to get the NREMT final exam complete, then gain state certification.

Well, that’s it for now! Will keep the blog updated, more as I progress in US EMS.